About Me :)

KiloWorks - Roee Shalev

KiloWorks - Roee Shalev

A Music composer, 2D and 3D Artist, Video Editor, Site builder and a Video-Games enthusiast. | 23

Contact me at:

📧 | E-mail - [email protected]
💬 | Discord - AmitKilo#3271

🌐 | Reddit - /u/amitkilo
🕹️ | Steam - AmitKilo

Hey There! 👋🏻

My name is Roee Shalev, and I usually appear as AmitKilo or KiloWorks!

I grew up heavily invested in the video-games culture, and have always been fascinated, influenced, driven, and obsessed by music from titles like Zelda,
Rayman, Final Fantasy, Terraria, and many more.

My goal is to write satisfying and memorable video-game themes, atmospheres, effects, and any other required in-game audio.

I also do 3D & 2D digital artwork, Video Editing & a novice game-dev.

Currently using mainly FL Studio 20 and various Kontakt libraries.

🌍 Time Zone: 𝙂𝙈𝙏+2

Personal achievements that I love sharing !

📽️ Media

• I used to run a fairly viewed Youtube channel, surrounding Counter Strike Global Offensive, averaging 100k views or more per video. (1.5m Total Views)

My Gfycat account has a total of 4.6M views

🕹️ E-Sports

• I have been mentioned in the official CS:GO patch notes (Search for AmitKilo – yay!)

• I ended up in the Top 10 players of my country in Season 1 of Overwatch. (And was almost invited to Blizzcon)

• I reached Top 500 on Overwatch Europe a couple of times, with a peak of 380~

• My peak CS:GO Rank was Global Elite on 3 Different accounts at the same time.

🌐 Reddit

• I Spend way too much time on Reddit, and I’m way too proud of my 150,000 Karma, based on mostly original content.

I currently moderate & design for a few major Reddit Forums:
/r/Borderlands3380k Subs
180k Subs
26k Subs
11K Subs
/r/WonderLands 5K Subs

I also founded and designed:
/r/ValheimBuilds 22k Subs

• I participated in the Closed Alpha of “Ark Survival Evolved” under an NDA & had close communication with the developers for bug testing purposes, I have found many exploits that have been since patched, I also raised their Subreddit “/r/PlayArk”.

🎨 Other stuff:

I took lessons in Music Production, with Composer Amit Poznansky, winner of the “Best Film Score” in the Samobor International Sound & Music Festival, 2013, for his Score of the Oscar nominee film, “Footnote”, and the Ophir Award for the film “Foxtrot” 2017.

• My highest typing speed on a PC keyboard is 129WPM. (Top 1%)

• I’m obsessed with Productivity software, Early-access bug hunting, Mechanical keyboards, Data organizing & Borderlands.

• My favorite Video Game Composers of all times are – Koji Kondo, Christophe Herald, Toby Fox, Danny Baranowsky, Nobuo Uematsu, and Pascal Michael.

(The Legend of Zelda, Rayman, Undertale, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Final Fantasy, A Hat In Time)

• I have been using Photoshop ever since the age of 11
• And have also been composing original music ever since the age of 17.

Past online nicknames that I may be known for:
AmitTubey | Kilo Man | amit_878 | AmitKiloX | Guidaux | Guidaux | CrossStyle | amit878 | KiloGuy

My PC Specs are:
⚙️ – z390 – Gaming X
⚙️ – i7 8700K +
Noctua NH-U12A + Metal Liquid
⚙️ – RTX 2070
⚙️ – 16GBx4 3600MHz – Vengeance Pro
⚙️ – Corsair 750 – RM Series

⚙️ – Huntsman TE Edition, Death Adder PRO V2

🖥️ – Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X 27
🖥️ – Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5”

My Storage specs are:
☁️ – DS420+ Synology

💾 – 8TB Seagate HDD
💾 – 8TB Iron NAS HDD

💾 – 500GB Evo 970 M.2 – OS
💾 – 2TB Crucial M.2
💾 – 1TB External Crucial M.2

💾 – 1TB Evo 870

💾 – 1TB Evo 860
💾 – 500GB Evo 860
💾 – 500GB Evo 860
☁️ – 2TB Dropbox
My Sound specs are:
🎵 – Neumann NDH 20
🎵 – Sound Blaster AE-9
🎵 – M-Audio Hammer 88
My drawing specs are:
✒️ – Kamvas 16 Pro Tablet

I create a lot of content out of passion, without asking for anything in return.​
I’ll highly appriciate it! let me know why 🙂


🎵 FL STUDIO 20 + Cubase

Character Themes, Location Themes, Atmosphere & Background, Story Telling, SFX, UI Feedback, Remixes, Arrangments , Midi transcribing and any other in-game audio requirements.

🖌️ Adobe Photoshop

Icons, Banners, UI Design, Logos, Thumbnails, Promotional media, Concept art, Pixel art, Paint overs & direction


Iconography, Clean Digital Art, UI Design


PBR Material creation, Tiling Textures

🧊 zBrush

Hard poly detailing, Character & Hard-Surface Modelling.

🧊 Substance Painter

Stylized PBR Texturing, Hand painting and Skin creation.

🎬 After Effects

Youtube videos, * Memes *, Gifs, Promotional meshups, Music syncing and more.

🌐 WordPress

WordPress, Host managing and CSS
Over my Portfolio-building adventure I have collected a lot of experiance needed to rise WordPress sites from zero.

🎬 Reddit platform managing

🌐 bots & File managing

🤝 Collaboration Platforms -

I can collab and communicate through various platforms, including:

💬 Chat & Discussion
• Telegram
Steam Chat
Reddit Chat

📂 Document & File Sharing
Google Drive / Docs
Dropbox / Dropbox Papers

✔️ Checklist Board & Milestone Trackers

🎮 Game Engines
Unity Collaborate

🕹️ Remote Control
Team Viewer

📞 Traditional
Phone Call